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Let's work
together !

We have worked with public school K-12 teachers in several capacities to develop bilingual standards aligned curricula for their students. We can do this in several ways.

Available Media

We have lots of media (videos and audio recordings) about different topics both about birds, neotropical forests, and this will soon expand to include media about other research topics. We have had teachers and student teachers use this material to develop lesson plans for their classes. In the past teachers have used lesson plans through EdPuzzle and Nearpod. Lots of potential to mix and match for your grade and subject!

Join us in the field!

If you are interested, we can talk about funding opportunities to have you join us in the field to help create lesson plans for your class.

Teacher Workshops

Based on developed lesson plans we aim to hold teacher professional development workshops and education conference presentations so teachers can implement them or their classroom.

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